Signature Thermal Break

Signature Thermal Break uses advanced technology to create a barrier between the interior and exterior surfaces of windows and doors, improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

The Thermal Break system uses reinforced polyamide extrusions and double glazing with a warm edge spacer to separate the exterior and interior of the aluminium window or door.

Together, they act as insulated barriers, stopping heat from passing from one side of the door or window, to the other. This keeps heat inside during winter – and out during summer.

Signature Thermal Break products are available in different glazing options.

Get a (Thermal) Break from Condensation

Although they may seem the culprit, windows and doors do not cause condensation.

In fact, the Signature Thermal Break range is designed to help reduce the incidence of condensation on windows and doors.

The reinforced polyamide extrusions and double glazing unit act as thermal barriers. They keep the interior surfaces of the windows and doors similar to the room temperature. This minimises the incidence of moist air inside the house meeting cooler surfaces, which facilitates condensation.

Compared to ordinary windows and doors, Signature Thermal Break can:

  • provide up to 27% reduction in energy costs
  • reduce the amount of condensation on frames and glass during winter